Central America 2011

Brazil 2010 - Thanks to Ed.!

Brazil 2010 - 2 Thanks to Ed!

Brazil 2010 - 3 Thanks to Ed!

Uganda 2010 Part 1

Uganda 2010 Part 2

Uganda 2010 Part 3

Peru 2010

Arizona 2010

Reunion Island

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Silberbachtal (Germany)

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South Korea

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Southern Greece

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Latin-America 2008 - Thanks to Jose Manuel!

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Tradtional outdoor museum

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Lanzarote 2008

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Our Garden (Germany)

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Southamerica 2007

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CA 2006 Thanks to Marty
Sulawesi 2007 Thanks to Kenji  
Russia 2006 Thanks to oleg
NEW Z.2006 Thanks to Kirk!
NEW PARNASSIUS davydovi and c.aenigma
Is.Margarita 2006 Thanks to Daniel!
Amazon 2006 Thanks to Daniel!
NZ 06 Thanks Kirk!

Grand Canyon 2005

Central America 2005

Some specimen pics

Thanks to Sergey
Tanzania 2004
Cameroon 2004
Nicaragua 2004
fresh bred Ornithoptera (incl.CITES)
South Brazil
in my garden (Germany)
Thanks to Lance
Thanks to Guy
Thanks to Nipam
Thanks to Peter

Here you can find some insect and habitat-pictures taken by me and some friends. New pictures will be added regulary, insect-photographing is great fun... (nearly as insect collecting...;-)
New pictures are always welcome!
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